The Magic Health Pill

The Magic Health Pill

How would you feel if you heard the incredible news today that scientists have discovered the elusive magic pill that would cure disease, increase your strength, decrease your body fat, improve your muscle tone, and decrease your stress ?  If you are like most people, your first thought might be “where do I find this miracle pill ?” and “how can I get it ?”.

The likely thought would be that you would want it.  And you would likely want your friends and family to have it also.  Am I right ?  I think that I am.  The reality is that while science continues its search for this elusive magic pill, there does exist a method for achieving much of the same result right now.  And you, your family, and friends have it available to you today.

There have been innumerable research studies done throughout the past few decades that have shown positively that increasing one’s lean body mass while decreasing body fat have an extremely positive effect on one’s health.  Additionally, science has proven that stress has an extremely negative effect on one’s health.

A well designed program of exercise consisting of regular weight training along with a moderate amount of cardio exercise done on a consistent basis increases your muscle tone which also increases your metabolism while simultaneously decreasing stored body fat.  When one adds in receiving professional massage therapy on a regular basis to decrease stress and tension that we all experience everyday, you have a one-two punch that decreases stress, decreases body fat, increases your metabolism, and improves muscle tone while having an overall improvement in your health.

Many diseases can be prevented and possibly eliminated by utilizing these basic procedures that are at your disposal right now.  So what is stopping you from taking this magic pill ?  What is preventing you from getting healthier ?  While it may not be quite as simple as taking a magic pill, it IS available to you right now.

So don’t just sit on the couch eating chips and wishing that there was something you could do about it. Take the first step.  Start today.

If you have any specific questions about your particular situation, please feel free to contact me directly.  I would be happy to give you a free, no strings, consultation.  Just call, text or email me.  Or better yet visit my website –

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HealthQuest Fitness & Therapy Center proviides Massage Therapy and Personal Training at 5458 Town Center Rd., St 15, Boca Raton, Florida, 33486. Owned and run by Ken Edelson, considered by many to be one of Boca Raton's top Personal Training and Massage Therapy providers in the area.
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