Dealing With Life’s Stress


I arrived today at my little respite in the mountains after spending a few days with my wife’s family in Ohio. I just needed a few days of rest and recovery from an extremely stressful event. My wife and her sisters, and their family had just lost their Dad, the families’ Patriarch, who passed away suddenly and unexpectedly last weekend. My father-in-law, Roy, was someone I loved and respected. He was a very spiritual man, and his faith was unshakable. It occurred to me how much stress is imposed on us all, as we go through life’s many trial and tribulations. While they put up a pretty good front, the angst that everyone was dealing with was very evident.

Several family members had a variety of muscle and joint pains, headaches, body aches and such. Two others had even recently undergone major spinal neck surgery in the hopes of “fixing” their issues. I truly hope that it does. While contemplating all of this, and how people, including myself, deal with stress, I began thinking about what methods we use to combat the stress that ultimately falls on us all once in awhile.

Some turn to medications or drugs to bring relief. Others even wait until the pain from stress related issues becomes so unbearable that they turn to the surgeon’s knife to cut out the offending culprit. Those who know me personally would likely attest to my preference of more natural and non-invasive methods. Massage Therapy, moderate exercise (although admittedly some of my own workouts can occasionally be a bit more intense), stretching (both self directed and assisted), and even some forms of meditation have all been shown to positively manage stress without invasive or pharmaceutical means.

While I certainly feel that drugs and surgery have their deserved and respected place in our health-care system; I also believe that drugs and surgery, in that order, should be a second or even last resort when it comes to managing many of these ailments that are so often related to stress. Drugs often affect the entire body, not just a specific area. Side effects from them can be many, sometimes severe, and are very well documented. The cut from a surgeon’s knife, while sometimes unavoidable, is permanent. You cannot take it back. Sometimes the recovery from surgery is very lengthy, as you must heal from the surgery in addition to the original problem. And the reality is that not all surgeries are successful every time.

Massage Therapy and exercise (particularly weight training with a Personal Trainer) are fantastic ways of dealing with stress. During a Massage Therapy session, the massage therapists hands can help make the muscle and joint tightness associated with the stress feel as if it is actually melting away. Similarly, exercise has the effect of “burning off” the negative energy of stress. Almost as if the negative energy associated with the stress, is somehow converted, and utilized in a positive, constructive way to fuel the workout. Once it is burned off, the negative effect of the prior stress is often dramatically diminished, or even gone. Even something as simple as going for a long walk can be amazingly helpful.

I can promise you this… It is not a matter of whether you will ever feel the effect of stress. It is simply a matter of when. So don’t just suffer needlessly, and wish that there was something you could do about it. Take the first step. Start today.

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The Magic Health Pill

The Magic Health Pill

How would you feel if you heard the incredible news today that scientists have discovered the elusive magic pill that would cure disease, increase your strength, decrease your body fat, improve your muscle tone, and decrease your stress ?  If you are like most people, your first thought might be “where do I find this miracle pill ?” and “how can I get it ?”.

The likely thought would be that you would want it.  And you would likely want your friends and family to have it also.  Am I right ?  I think that I am.  The reality is that while science continues its search for this elusive magic pill, there does exist a method for achieving much of the same result right now.  And you, your family, and friends have it available to you today.

There have been innumerable research studies done throughout the past few decades that have shown positively that increasing one’s lean body mass while decreasing body fat have an extremely positive effect on one’s health.  Additionally, science has proven that stress has an extremely negative effect on one’s health.

A well designed program of exercise consisting of regular weight training along with a moderate amount of cardio exercise done on a consistent basis increases your muscle tone which also increases your metabolism while simultaneously decreasing stored body fat.  When one adds in receiving professional massage therapy on a regular basis to decrease stress and tension that we all experience everyday, you have a one-two punch that decreases stress, decreases body fat, increases your metabolism, and improves muscle tone while having an overall improvement in your health.

Many diseases can be prevented and possibly eliminated by utilizing these basic procedures that are at your disposal right now.  So what is stopping you from taking this magic pill ?  What is preventing you from getting healthier ?  While it may not be quite as simple as taking a magic pill, it IS available to you right now.

So don’t just sit on the couch eating chips and wishing that there was something you could do about it. Take the first step.  Start today.

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A dancer’s body composition tested…

Hi all,

I am sitting here watching the TV show “So You Think You Can Dance”.   They just showed a segment where body composition testing was performed on some of the dancers.  Not surprisingly, the results showed that these semi-professional dancers had body composition (fat & muscle ratios) that were very similar to other professional athletes such as football and baseball players, gymnasts, etc.  This means lots of muscle and minimal fat percentages.  As a Personal Trainer (as well as Massage Therapist) this is obviously what almost all of my training clients strive for.  So… start dancing !!!  🙂  Ken

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